Animaniacs Animation Studio guide

This is a guide for the eight animation studios of Animaniacs. Includes rankings, seasonal appearances, and more.

Telecom Animation Film, Mitaka (now Nakano) Tokyo Japan, credited as Tokyo Movie Shinsha/TMS-Kyokuchi, now known as TMS Entertainment

Chief studio director:Toshihiko Masuda

Animation supervisor:Keiko Oyamada

Telecom Animation Film (credited as Tokyo Movie Shinsha/TMS-Kyokuchi in the series due to Telecom being a subsidiary of TMS) is the most polished and expressed Animaniacs studio. The character designs and Anime-like (due to the staff being trained by famed anime director Hayao Miyazaki before he founded Studio Ghibli) design make it the most famous out of most viewers and fans alike. Appears in seasons 1 (including the Wheel of Morality Shorts, other bumpers are mostly animated by Ajia-Do (who also did Schnitzelbank, episode 47's Carol Burnett Show parody, parts of Cookies For Einstein and Slipping on The Ice) however some of the bumpers were outsourced to Magic Bus, Oh! Productions, Studio Jungle Gym and Kyoto Animation (before they became a anime production studio), 2 (unaired Mime Time Shorts from season 1), 4 (Cutey and The Beast, with Anime Spot) and Wakko's Wish (with Tokyo Kids, Studio Jungle Gym and Mizo Planning). Example pic from Telecom themselves at bottom right.


The animation is also included in the opening theme, and is used for most episodes that premiered on a Friday (such as Episode Five). The fluidity and shine of the studio complements the show and puts more feeling into the wackiness.

Despite the high-quality animation by Telecom themselves, they suffer from sub par outsourcing studios such as Tatsunoko Production (Taming of The Screwy, the team behind the episode will later go on to find Actas years later), Mizo Planning (HMS Yakko), Tokyo Kids (parts of Cookies For Einstein, Lake Titicaca and Roll Over Beethoven; now absorbed into Wao World) and Magic Bus (Home on De-Nile), Ajia-Do is also hit and miss as well; however the timing is consistently excellent, the settle animations are just right, giving them even more snappiness and expressiveness of sharper movements that become firm; posing is always well construed, making the characters' expressions stronger and making their range of emotions better in the long run..


Chief studio director:Jon McClenahan

StarToons might have several flaws and mess-ups. These are:

  1. Some episodes look messy and have shadows in the wrong places, like a certain second segment I know.
  2. The mouth movements are puppet-like and forced.

StarToons has the second highest quality, although some objects (like the Warners' eyes and Wakko's tounge) are somewhat squared and blocky.

But there was lots of fluidity in the animation, such as in Broadcast Nuisance and Kareoke-Dokie. This animation was in Chicago, Illinois and only appears in seasons 1 and 5. Example pic at bottom.


Example with Yakko, Wakko and Dot

AKOM Film Productions South Korea

Similar to Wang, just with less fluidity. Seen in seasons 1 to 5 (fired on Back In Style due to countless retakes, replaced with Koko Enterprises for the rest of the series). This animation was used mostly in Season 3 & 4.

Candie Chipmunk 07

Wang Film Prodictions

Animation supervisor:Dave Marshall

Looks a lot like AKOM Film Productions, just more fluid and polished. Seen in all 5 seasons.

Slappy's Teeth 9

Freelance Animators

This has to be the ugliest animation in the history of animation. The expressions are ugly and deformed and has the least polished designs of any animation studio. Many fans assume they just got lazy with this one. Used in most episodes premiering on Monday or Tuesday. Obviously in New Zealand. Seen only in seasons 1 and 2.

Freelance Animators has the lowest quality overall, mainly because they are afraid of jumping to new sheets or they wanted to hurry and get it over with. Some cartoons (like When Rita Met Runt) look like they are barely animated by Freelance, like when Rita is singing "Humans Ain't What They Seem To Be".

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