Full Name Bobby
Segment Goodfeathers
First Episode The Monkey Song/Goodfeathers: The Beginning
Voice Actor John Mariano
Jeff Glen Bennett (singing voice)
Catchphrases "You walking with me?"
"The Godpigeon!"

Bobby is the leader of the Goodfeather pigeons, whose character was inspired by the film roles of Robert De Niro (such as Travis Bickle, Jake LaMotta, and Jimmy Conway). He tends to get along with Squit and Pesto, but always laughs his head off whenever the two end up getting into a scuffle. He is also the only one who can translate the Godpigeon's elderly gibberish.

He seems to be the brains of the operation. It's Bobby's job to keep Pesto from killing Squit, even if he has to get involved in the fight. Unfortunately for Squit, however, Bobby usually finds the beatings hilarious. There are occasions where he keeps Pesto in check just by glaring at him, mainly because Pesto's temper gets all of them into trouble.


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