Bombshell is a charpter in Animaniacs Issue #39. Staring Minerva Mink and Newt.


The chapter begins when Minerva is reading her horoscope which reads "LOOK OUT! TODAY KARMA REBOUND DAY; BEWARE OF NEGAVTIVE ENERGY-ALL YOU DEEDS WILL COME BACK TO YOU." and of cause she didn't believe it. Suddenly Newt appeared out of nowhere to, once again, capture Minerva and bring her to his master. After she used her attraction on Newt (Again) she suddenly exploded out of nowhere. she then ran back to found that her horoscope was right, and after she told Newt to buzz off, she exploded again,she then tried to be nice to Newt when she encounter a male mink in which she fell for and and when Newt said he saw her first to the male mink,Minerva told him to buzz off yet again and she exploded again (with the male mink). after trying to found her horoscope, she found another one that said "EVERYTHINGS WILL GO YOUR WAY,EVERONE LOVES YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL. BUY YOUSELF EXPENSIVE THINGS YOU GODDESS YOU." in which she can insult Newt until he point out that this was last weeks horoscope in which she exploded again. after finally agreeing to be friend with him, he started to explode too, in which Minerva found out that if she nice to Newt, he'll explode too, in which she begin chasing Newt while being nice to him. just then we see 3 other female minks who seem to be jealous of Minerva and begins to chase Newt too. the Comic ends with Minerva exploding again after being mean to Newt.

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