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I love cartoons and I have many years of continuous, successful, performance-driven advancement to back it up.

My tenure as an Emmy ® award-winning director at Warner Bros. Animation led to a number of various positions at major studios (worked on staff at over ten studios) where I honed my skills in animation from producing, developing, writing concepts/pilots, character designs and storyboarding.

Countless experiences with storyboarding has allowed me to sharpen those skills for many years now.

I have storyboarded for theatrical features, direct-to-video features and television (both network & syndication), produced and/or directed or art directed on both traditional 2-D and CGI animation.

I have directed on Steven Spielberg Presents Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs (Warner Bros./Amblin) and produced for The Pink Panther (MGM), Dumb & Dumber (Hanna Barbera), Casper’s Haunted Christmas (Mainframe), The Lionhearts (MGM), the Fox Family Weird-Ohs (Mainframe) and the preschool series Make Way For Noddy (S D Entertainment).

I developed Johnny Bravo for Cartoon Network as a television series, and contributed storyboards for the hybrid CG/live action theatrical feature, Hop (Illumination/Universal Pictures) and Tom & Jerry and the Wizard of Oz, (Warner Bros. Animation).  I was nominated for an Annie award for directing The Adventures of Brer Rabbit DVD feature (Universal).  I have worked with the Looney Tunes characters for Warner Bros. Online and drawn for DC Comics.

My experience in animation is extensive having worked with writers such as Jack Enyart, Seth McFarland, Joe Barbera, and Paul Dini and talented performers such as Danny Glover, Wayne Brady, Nick Cannon, Wanda Sykes, D. L. Hughley and Persia White.

Directing credits

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