Cheese Roll Call is a song from Pinky and the Brain that appears on the Animaniacs "Variety Pack" album. The song is performed by Pinky to the tune of John Phillip Sousa's "Semper Fidelis". The lyrics were written by Paul Rugg. On the album version of the song, Cheddam speaks before Wensleydale and also includes a speaking line by Brie.


A world of cheeses
Deliciously made for you and me,
Flavors like provolone and brie,
Each with its own ethnicity.
So many cheeses
Are available all around the world
For me to eat
Especially good with crackers and meat.
A nice yummy treat.
Thousands of cheeses,
The texture of some can be really gooey,
Others are quite firm and chewy,
Some are better when mildewy.
Bountiful cheeses,
When you take a big whiff a few
Will make you want to spew.
Especially strong is the cheese Remoudou,
A real stinkeroo.
It's incredible just
How many kinds there are
From countries near and far,
It's really quite bizarre.
Now from the mouths of cheese big and small,
We proudly present to you
The cheese roll call!
I am the British cheese, Wensleydale, lightly pressed and smooth textured with subtle milky flavor, which is clean and refreshing.
Welcome, Wensleydale!
G'day! I am Australian Cheddam, an innocuous golden-yellow, rindless block inspired by cheddar and edam.
Haha! Welcome, Cheddam!
I am the German cheese, Edelpilzkäse, a fine, blue-veined cheese with a pale ivory paste and very dark veins traveling vertically through me.
Welcome, Edelpoogie...Edelem...uhhh...Wilkommen!
I am the French cheese Brie, a soft, unpressed, naturally drained cow's milk with white rind flora, molded into large flat disks and ripened for three to four weeks.
Thank you, cheeses! I want to eat you all!
Oh, how I like my cheeses,
Cheese from around the world,
Cheese is the taste that pleases,
Cheese from around the world!
Sing with me!
Pinky and Cheeses:
Oh, how I like my cheeses,
Cheese from around the world...
Cheese is the taste that pleases,
Cheese from around the world!
Around this great big world!
Around this big cheese world!
Around this great big world!
Around this big...
(chomp, gulp) Mmm, yummy! NARF!


  • This song is referanced in 'Meticulous Analysis of History' when Pinky ask, "What are we going to do tomorrow night, Brain? Sing about all the world's cheeses?"

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