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Chicken Boo is a giant chicken who has a habit of disguising himself as a human. No matter the profession Boo has chosen, he typically excels at it.  One person in each cartoon claims he's really a giant chicken which is dismissed by the other characters in the cartoon. After Boo's disguise inevitably fails, the naysayer from earlier returns to say "I told you that guy was a chicken!" and Boo is typically shunned or even attacked by those who were praising him just minutes before.

Chicken Boo is clucked by Frank Welker.


  • Chicken Boo's disguises have included:
    • The Big Kiss: Chicken Boo wears only a moustache.
    • The Good, the Boo and the Ugly: Chicken Boo dons western garb.
    • Katie Ka-Boo: Chicken Boo wears the clothes of a high school student.
    • Jingle Boo: Chicken Boo dresses as a mall Santa Claus. 
    • Ralph's Wedding: Chicken Boo dresses in bridal clothing.
    • Kung Boo: Chicken Boo dresses as a martial artist.
    • Hercule Yakko: Chicken Boo dresses as a pizza delivery guy. (Cameo)
  • Whenever the one person who knows that Chicken Boo is really a giant chicken calls him such, all of the other characters present mistakenly deny it. However, one episode that deviated from that was Katie Ka-Boo, where Mr. & Mrs. Kaboom realize he is a chicken after seeing him with their own eyes.
  • In Jingle Boo; Santa Claus gave Chicken Boo a good ending to celebrate Christmas.


Theme song

Chicken Boo, what's the matter with you?

You don't act like the other chickens do

You wear a disguise to look like human guys*

But you're not a man, you're a Chicken Boo

*Alternate line: 'You're jumbo-sized and you wear a disguise

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