Animaniacs Episode 29
Air date: October 29, 1993
Season: 1
Variable verse: Wakko: Where's Lon Chaney?
Gag credit(s): Barbarian - Kathryn Page
Closing tag: Dot: (wearing Dracula's teeth) I still think they make me look like Sheena Easton.
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Animaniacs celebrates Halloween with two spoofs of classic horror movies.

Theme song


Last line

Wakko: Where's Lon Chaney?

Draculee, Draculaa


Written by John P. McCann
Directed by Michael Gerard and Byron Vaughns


In an attempt to head towards their ancestral home of Pennsylvania (since their parents are pencils), the Warners end up at the estate of Count Dracula in Transylvania.


  • The title is a parody of the chorus of "Happy Wanderer", "Val-de-ree, val-de-rah".
  • In the end, the Warners end up in Tasmania and meet the Tasmanian Devil. The Taz-Mania theme music is heard in the background during his appearance.
  • In the beginning, the Warners burrow to Transylvania while Yakko looks at a map and says, "I know we're not rabbits, but it's a Warner Bros. tradition." This is a reference to the way Bugs Bunny traveled, who would always end up in somewhere other than his destination just because he took a wrong "toin at Albukoikee."
  • Dot's full name, Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fana Bo Besca, is revealed in this episode.
  • This was John P. McCann's first script for Animaniacs. It led to his being hired to the show as a series writer.[1]
  • The fourth wall is broken in this episode, when Yakko says to the viewer "We're not that stupid, we just know the plot."
  • When Dot introduces herself, you can hear Mindy's theme in the background.
  • When Dracula introduces himself, Yakko asks 'Didn't you used to teach math on Sesame Street?', mistaking him for Count von Count from the hit PBS Kids/HBO series.
  • The voice of Count Dracula is Dan Castellaneta, who voices Homer Simpson on The Simpsons and Grandpa Phil from Hey Arnold.



Written by John P. McCann
Directed by Michael Gerard


Rita and Runt end up being chased by a crazy female mad scientist who wants the idiot dog's brain for her own experiments.


Let's Try For Two (Rita)

You Gotta Use Your Brain (Rita, Runt and Dr. Phrankenstein)

A Hands-On Kinda Girl (Dr. Phrankenstein)

Let's Try For Three (Rita)


  • The voice of Dr. Phrankenstein is modeled after Madeline Kahn's impression of Marlene Dietritch. She is voiced by series creator Tom Ruegger's ex-wife Adrienne Alexander.
  • One of the tombs says, "Here Lies a Pooch With a Brain So Small, It Wasn't Any Use At All".


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Rob Paulsen Yakko Warner
Jess Harnell Wakko Warner
Tress MacNeille Dot Warner
Dan Castellaneta Count Dracula
Frank Welker Runt, Scout, Mr. Squeak
Jim Cummings Tasmanian Devil
Adrienne Alexander Dr. Phrankenstein
Bernadette Peters Rita

Kathryn Page's Credit



Dot: [wearing Dracula's teeth] I still think they make me look like Sheena Easton.


  • This is the third stinger to be a callback to a cartoon in the episode.


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