Animaniacs Episode 86
Air date: 21 Sep. 1996
Season: 4
Variable verse: Yakko, Wakko and Dot: Frasier Craney...
Gag credit(s): Mr. Merger Mania!
Gerald Levin
Closing tag: Yakko, Wakko and Dot: We're nuts!
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Last line

Yakko, Wakko and Dot: Frasier Craney...

A Very Very Very Very Special Show


Written by Randy Rogel
Directed by Liz Holzman


In a blatant attempt to win a humanitarian award, the Warners star in this parody of "very special episodes" bringing more educational content to the show. However, when they lose the award, they return to being their zany selves.

Night of the Living Buttons


Written by Nick DuBois
Directed by Al Zegler


Mindy chases a frog into a graveyard full of zombies.


  • This is the only Buttons and Mindy cartoon where Buttons does not get scolded at the end.
  • When Buttons breaks the emergency glass, he becomes Michael Jackson leading the zombies in a parody of the "Thriller" video.
  • At the end, the frog is none other than Michigan J. Frog from the classic Chuck Jones cartoon, One Froggy Evening.

Soda Jerk


Written by Rafael Rosada, Enrique May and Audu Paden
Directed by Audu Paden


After drinking a milkshake in one gulp, Wakko gets a bad case of the hiccups, so his siblings look all around the world to help cure him.


  • Dot's Pet makes a reappearance in this cartoon.
  • Toby the soda shop attendant whistles Pinky and the Brain's theme as he mixes the Warners' milkshakes.
  • In a parody of a scene from A Clockwork Orange, Yakko and Dot drip water in Wakko's open eyes as he watches an unpleasant display - a Bob Hope comedy routine.
  • The scene with the flying saucer and alien robot is a parody of The Day the Earth Stood Still.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Rob Paulsen Yakko Warner, Klaatu, Announcer, Zombies, Toby the Ice Cream Man, Bob Hope
Jess Harnell Wakko Warner, Award Presenter, Zombies
Tress MacNeille Dot Warner, Hello Nurse, Mindy's Mom, Zombies
Frank Welker Thaddeus Plotz, Buttons, Zombies, Witch Doctor
Nancy Cartwright Mindy
Jeff McCarthy Michigan J. Frog

Gag Credits

Show #86

Mr. Merger Mania!

Gerald Levin


Yakko, Wakko and Dot: We're nuts!

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