Animaniacs Episode 40
Air date: November 12, 1993
Season: 1
Variable verse: Dana Delany...
Gag credit(s): Defensive Tackle-Kathryn Page's
Closing tag: Wakko: Lather...
Dot: Rinse...
Yakko: Repeat.
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Casablanca Opening


In this parody of the final scene from Casablanca, Dot is the Ingrid Bergman role and she says, "Hellooooo, Nurse!" to eBogie.

Theme song


Last line

Yakko: Dana Delany...

Tower Escape

Wakko draws a door and an elevator button on the tower. Yakko presses the button, and Dot is inside as the elevator operator. The tower goes down and the Warners escape.

Fair Game


Written by Peter Hastings
Directed by Bob Kline


The Warners compete on the game show Quiz Me Quick, where they torment the host, Ned Flatt.


  • This episode was made into a book with sound effects buttons.
  • Ned Flatt is voiced by Harry Shearer, best known for his voice work on The Simpsons.

Chase Transition

Ralph follows the Warners into a building. In the episode's second elevator gag, the Warners go up one elevator and go down another. Ralph, however, only goes up and down the same elevator.

The Slapper

Slappy And Walter Wolf

Slappy And Walter Wolf

Slappy And Walter Wolf fighting for the remote control

Slappy And Walter Wolf fighting for the remote control

Slappy using the slapper on walter wolf

Slappy using the slapper on walter wolf

Walter Wolf Hands the remote over to slappy

Walter Wolf Hands the remote over to slappy


Slappy and Walter Wolf star in an ad parody of the Clapper.

Puppet Rulers


Story by Peter Hastings
Written by Tom Minton
Directed by Barry Caldwell and Dave Marshall


In 1954, Pinky and the Brain's latest world domination scheme involves them appearing on a popular children's puppet show.


  • The show that Pinky and the Brain appear on is a parody of Beany and Cecil, which was created by former Looney Tunes director Bob Clampett and starred voice actors Daws Butler and Stan Freberg. Fun fact: Beany and Cecil was in fact one of Albert Einstein's favorite television shows.
  • A young Bill Clinton is seen watching JFK on television.
  • Mindy and Buttons make a cameo.


Wheel of Morality

Wheel of Morality

The moral of today's story is:
"Vote early and vote often."

Chase Ending

In the show's THIRD elevator gag, the Warners return to the water tower via an elevator button from Wakko's gag bag. Wakko pushes the button, and the tower goes down to take them up. Ralph pushes the button and an anvil falls on his head. The Warners just shrug and go back into the tower.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Rob Paulsen Yakko Warner, Pinky
Jess Harnell Wakko Warner, Walter Wolf, Rick Blaine
Tress MacNeille Dot Warner
Harry Shearer Ned Flat
Frank Welker Ralph T. Guard, Bill Clinton
Sherri Stoner Slappy Squirrel
Mike Villani Announcer
Maurice LaMarche The Brain, Meany, Treacle, JFK
Paul Rugg Albert Einstein
Lisa Bradley Niece
Chasen Greig Nephew
Luke Ruegger Kid #1

Kathryn Page's Credit

Defensive Tackle


Wakko: Lather...

Dot: Rinse...

Yakko: Repeat.

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