Animaniacs Episode 80
Air date: 3 Feb. 1996
Season: 3
Variable verse: Wakko: Hunchback of Notre Damey...
Gag credit(s): Hey
We Can See Your House From Here.
Closing tag: Yakko: I'm Yakko.
Wakko: I'm Wakko.
Dot: And I'm cute.
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Theme Song


Last Line

Wakko: Hunchback of Notre Dame-y...

Dot's Entertainment


Written by Nicholas Hollander
Directed by Charles Visser


Dot and her brothers essentially turn the Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals upside-down.


  • After Andy Lloud Webby says "How about... That Girl!" Dot stars in a parody of the title sequence from the show of the same name.
  • The title card is a parody of the logo for another of Lloyd Webber's musicals, Cats.
  • The musical in the short, Cats of Phantom Boulevard, is a mashup of several Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals: Cats, The Phantom of the Opera, and Sunset Boulevard.
  • The Warners also parody scenes and songs from Lloyd Webber's Evita and Rodgers & Hammerstein's Sound of Music.

The Girl with the Googily Goop


Written by Gordon Bressack and Charles M. Howell IV
Directed by Charles Visser


In this long lost film from the '30s, the Warners are loaned out to a Googy Goop cartoon.


  • This cartoon is a dead-on parody of the Betty Boop cartoons, right down to imitating the Fleischers' animation style.
  • As the Warners walk down the street, Porky Pig (animated in the old style) passes behind them.

Randy Beaman


Colin is chewing bubble gum, which he takes out of his mouth and plays with, and talks about the time Randy Beaman ate lots of carrots.


  • This is the final Randy Beaman cartoon on Animaniacs.
  • Only short in the episode not to revolve around a girl.

Gunga Dot


Written by Randy Rogel
Directed by Jon McClenahan and Rusty Mills


Dot and the entire Animaniacs cast star in this parody of the Rudyard Kipling poem, Gunga Din.


  • Rita makes her final speaking appearance in this cartoon. All of her future appearances would be silent. She would not utter or sing another word until the movie Wakko's Wish.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Rob Paulsen Yakko Warner, Pinky, Dr. Scratchansniff, Mailbox
Jess Harnell Wakko Warner, Stagehand, Car, Hydrant
Tress MacNeille Dot Warner, Hello Nurse, Marita Hippo, Googi's Mom, Googi's Grandma, Stage Actress
Sherri Stoner Slappy Squirrel
Nathan Ruegger Skippy Squirrel
Maurice LaMarche The Brain, Squit, Frank Sinatra, Will Hays
Chick Vennera Pesto
John Mariano Bobby
Frank Welker Thaddeus Plotz, Ralph T. Guard, Flavio Hippo, Buttons, Runt, Big Bad Wolf, Wakko's Nose
Nancy Cartwright Mindy
Desirée Goyette Googi Goop
Colin Wells Colin
Larry Cedar Andy Lloud Webby
Tony Jay Narrator
Jim Cummings Moon, Potty
Arte Johnson Newt
Bernadette Peters

Gag Credits

This is Episode #80


We Can See Your House From Here.


Yakko: I'm Yakko.

Wakko: I'm Wakko.

Dot: And I'm cute.

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