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Hello Nurse4
Full Name Hello Nurse
Segment Yakko, Wakko, and Dot
First Episode De-Zanitized
Voice Actor Tress MacNeille
Catchphrases None

Hello Nurse is the beautiful, smart, and sexy buxom studio nurse, voiced by Tress MacNeille, over whom Yakko and Wakko continually fawn.


Hello Nurse's apparel consists of a small white nurse cap and a white form-fitting dress, along with white bow'd high heels.

Hello Nurse's appearance almost always prompts Wakko and Yakko into exclaiming "Hellooooooo, Nurse!", (one of the show's well-known lines) and jumping into her arms. They will also call out her name if they see a beautiful woman as shown in several episodes (However they did call out to an overweight woman once in "Hello Nice Warners" although it was instead "HellOOO large NURSE!" instead of Hellooooooo Nurse!). Dot does likewise when an attractive man enters the picture.

Like an actress she is used in other episode as needed.



Her characterization ranges between stereotypical blonde cluelessness to outright genius, in the song about her it states that she has several rather prestigious accomplishments (although parts of it may be untrue since the Warners were hit by lightning after they stated they would be if they were lying.). She states in Wakko's Wish that she has a "mean IQ of 192." (HellOOOOO Brain!) In the later characterizations, she thinks that she is respected only for her looks and not her mind. However in a song sung by Wakko but where Yakko also joins in a few parts like the end, both Wakko and Yakko seem to show that they respect her for her mind, greatly, but also do indeed love her for her looks quite a lot too. Maybe its cause it shows more?


At The Beach


Off the Drawing Board into Hello Nurse Arms, Dot into drawer arms.


Hello Nurse Ep82 Can Do Anything


Figure and How it was done


  • Hello Nurse originally did not have a name and still doesn't have a real one. Her character is called Hello Nurse because Yakko and Wakko address her as such.
  • In the movie Wakko's Wish, she and Dr. Scratchansniff were friends and had a working relationship as she's always seen by him. After things get better in Acme Falls, they are both finally able to make money and get their own homes.
  • She is considered by fans as one of the most attractive female characters of the show, the other being Minerva Mink
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