It's New Year's Eve is a song from "Hooray for North Hollywood." The Warners throw a huge New Year's Eve celebration after helping Mr. Plotz get his job as the studio CEO back. The music and lyrics were written by Randy Rogel.


Hey look! Three minutes to midnight!
It's almost New Year's!
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
And everybody cheer
We've managed somehow, friends,
To make it through another year.
Let's stay up late, let's celebrate,
And then count down from ten
'Cause tomorrow when we wake up, guys,
The whole thing starts again.
It's New Year's Eve and I'm a beaut
Dressed up in my tuxedo suit
Got a shirt and vest
That are starched and pressed like new.
I do, and I'm lovin' the view!
'Cause it's New Year's Eve and I'm lookin' swell
With a white carnation in my lapel
Got a coat and tie
And I can't deny it's true.
It's New Year's Eve and I do believe
I'll hit all of the restaurants in sight
The party's at Sardi's
And old Guy Lombardi's
Doing the countdown tonight.
Well, it's New Year's Eve; let the party rock
Let's dance, and then, when it's twelve o'clock
We'll sing them tunes
And we'll pop balloons with a cheer!
Hear hear!
Bring out the confetti; we're ready
Hey, happy new year!
It's New Year's Eve, so let's all get dressed
In a tux or gown; when you look your best
You're the belle of the ball
You're the one that they all came to see!
Happy new year!
Happy new you, my friend,
And happy new me! Mwah!
May auld acquaintance be forgot
On New Year's Eve, they say
Let's give a cheer; a brand-new year
Will soon be here to stay.
Let's drink our fill o' sasparilla
We're too young for champagne
The Warners:
And every New Year's Eve
It's time to scream and go insane!
It's New Year's Eve and it's almost here
We'll dance and swing from the chandelier
And we'll all go nuts
When the ribbon cuts, we'll cheer.
When midnight comes, we'll cut a rug
We'll toast each other and kiss and hug
As the shouters and screamers
Throw all of those streamers right here.
It's New Year's Eve, but don't you grieve
'Cause another year's headed our way
It's gonna be great
'Cause we're stayin' up late
Then tomorrow we'll sleep in all day.
It's New Year's Eve; gonna have a blast
The new one's here and the old one's past
So forget your worry
And everyone hurry, you hear?
The Warners:
It's OK, be a jerk, go berzerk;
Have a happy new year!

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