Ivy Austin (b. 1958) is a voice actress and singer who has provided character vocals for many Sesame Street segments, records, and other productions since the early 1980's. One of her more notable contributions has been performing Sooey Oinker, leader of The Oinker Sisters, beginning with "A New Way to Walk" and continuing through Elmopalooza to more recent appearances.

Austin has lent her voice to many of Sesame Street's music parodies, singing lead on "Cereal Girl" and "Stand By Your Can" among other songs, and animated inserts such as "The Room Is Full of Chickens." She also sang as Linda's internal voice for "Wedding Pictures" and dubbed Tita's English voice on Sesame Street Stays Up Late!.


(TV Series)
- Garage Sale of the Century/West Side Pigeons (1993) ... Carloota (voice)

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