Katie Kaboom

Katie Ka-boom

Katie Ka-Boom is a sixteen-year-old teenage girl who greatly overreacts to trivially upsetting situations and literally turns into a comically violent and destructive monster before subsequently exploding, usually leaving the family home in ruins.


Being a typical teenage girl, she is very overreactive and emotionally difficult. When she is at her normal stages, she actually is a very cute, seemingly nice girl. Though when she goes "ka-boom" she becomes a very over-the-top, comically violent monster, literally. 


In human form, Katie is a teenage female. She appears to be 16 years old and has a short blonde bob. She has a light blue shirt that somewhat hangs from her shoulders, pink pants and blue slip on shoes.

Before she changes into a monster her eyes glow, her voice changes, and she grows. In monster form she seems to be able to change into different forms. As one monster she looks like a green monster and her clothes are ragged, but she has also been seen as a fiery monster. However, after she explodes, she is fine and her clothes are unaffected while the rest of her family and nearby surrounding is completely ruined.

Katie doesn't seem to be aware of her exploding and turning into a monster after she has blown up, but she might just not come on it. During her transformation she will deny her families statements that she is a monster, saying "I'm not overreacting, I'm a teenager!".

Katie Kaboom Monster form

Theme song

She's Katie Ka-Boom,
Katie Ka-Boom. She lives in a house with a garden in bloom. Her family knows that anytime soon, Their little lady Katie goes ka-boom!

List of Katie Ka-Boom cartoons

  • Katie Ka-Boo: In her first appearance, she brought her boyfriend C.B (who was really Chicken Boo) to meet her parents and her parents kept calling him a Giant Chicken, she then turned into a giant monster version of herself with wild purple hair, green skin and shredded clothes. After she notices CB is really a chicken, she turns into a hulking fiery monster, and explodes.
  • In "The Driving Lesson" she freaks out into monster form when her dad was teaching her how to drive when she thinks she knows how to drive. She subsequently shows that she can't.
  • In "Call Waiting" Katie's dad forgets to take a message from her friends, so she freaks out and exaggerates this minor mistake.
  • "Belly Button Blues" involves her parents trying to protect her, by preventing her from wearing a shirt that shows her belly button, even though everyone else does it.
  • In "The Blemish" Katie is waiting for a boy to pick her up, when her brother notices that she has a pimple, causing her to freak out.
  • In "The Broken Date" Katie turns into a monster when her boyfriend is a few minutes late for their date.
  • In "The Prom" Katie wants to stay out all night at the senior prom, but her father tries to insist on a curfew of 12am, provoking her transformation into monster form.
Katie Kaboom changing



Katie's dad and mom with little brother, Tinker.


  • Katie is a parody of "The Incredible Hulk".
  • Katie made three cameo appearances in the series.
    • She appeared in "The Big Wrap Party" when Yakko mention some characters name.
    • She appeared in "The Scoring Session" where Katie is among one of the characters part of the orchestra.
    • She appeared in "Wakko's Wish" when she and her parents are awaken by the Warners' singing.
  • Nicholas Hollander based Katie on his own stepdaughter who would often explode at every little thing that went wrong.


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