Meany and Treacle is a fictional fictional show on Animaniacs (a parody / tribute of The Beany & Cecil Show). Its only appearance was in the Pinky and the Brain episode Puppet Rulers.


Treacle: The optimist of the show.

Meany: Not much is known about him, except he oftens hits Treacle (and later, Brain) on the head with a wooden plank.

Brain as The Iconoclast / Noodle Noggin: Brain on Meany and Treacle. He would often rant about a scientifical explanation depending on the situation,until Meany hits him with his wooden plank. Later after his debut,he became a breakout character.

Pinky as Big Ears: Pinky on Meany and Treacle. He is Noodle Noggin's friend and can wiggle his ears,which makes kids laugh. Like Noodle Noggin, he became a breakout character.

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