The Mr. Skullhead Show Theme was used to introduce the first and only solo Mr. Skullhead segment, "Skullhead Boneyhands". Like Mr. Skullhead himself, this song first appeared on Tiny Toon Adventures in the episode "Take Elmyra, Please" sung by Elmyra. Here it was sung by the Warners. The song was originally composed by Albert Lloyd Olson and written by John P. McCann and M.D. Sweeney.


It's the Mr. Skullhead Show,
Starring him, Mr. Skullhead.
'Cause it's his show that he has
Mr. Skullhead!

Ending lyrics

That's the Mr. Skullhead Show,
Starring him, Mr. Skullhead.
And it's the end
Of the show that he had,
Mr. Skullhead!

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