Nathan Ruegger (born January 19, 1984) is an American screenwriter, voice actor, and filmmaker. He is the son of producer Tom Ruegger. He is best known for providing the voices of Baby Plucky on Tiny Toon Adventures and Skippy Squirrel on Animaniacs.                                                                                                                         
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Nathan Ruegger

Just as he grew older, his voice had to be digitally mastered to a higher pitch by using sound audio to keep the most appropriate age for Skippy in the series, just like Jamil Walker Smith's voice for Gerald Johanssen in the Hey Arnold! franchise on Nickelodeon was digitally mastered to a higher pitch by using sound audio as well. This electronic alteration is most noticeable in Wakko's Wish where Skippy hardly sounds like himself anymore. His last voiceover work was as the forever sore-throated Froggo on his father's show Histeria!. Nathan now makes his own live-action films.

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