Animaniacs Episode 43
Air date: December 3, 1993
Season: 1
Variable verse: Yakko: Miss Cellany...
Gag credit(s): Ferret Tamer-
Closing tag: Yakko, Wakko, and Dot: Wanna take a survey?
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Every single cartoon in this episode, with the exception of the chase transition, is animated by Freelance Animators, Ltd.

Theme song


Last line

Yakko: Miss Cellany...

Of Nice and Men


Written by Randy Rogel and Sherri Stoner
Directed by Michael Gerard


Runt gets adopted and finds himself taking care of a rabbit farm, while Rita is relegated to rat hunting.


Monterey (Rita)

Happy Bob's Theme (Happy Bob)

It's Always The Same Thing With Cats (Rita)

Bunny Lullaby (Runt)


  • The title is a parody of the John Steinbeck novel Of Mice and Men. The main characters of the novel, George and Lennie, make a cameo, where Lennie is holding the Brain, who states to the camera, "I hate cameos. Are you pondering what I'm pondering?"


Cow: Moo.
Rita: Moo yourself, ya lower lifeform! [she gets flicked off the cow by the cow's tail and bumps into a wall] That's two minutes in the penalty box...for clipping.

Rita: (after hearing Runt sing) Hey, it's a cartoon. What did you expect? Sondheim?

What a Dump!


Written by Randy Rogel
Directed by Barry Caldwell


Mindy's Mother gets her daughter a brand new doll to play with and throws her old doll out. When Mindy sees her doll in the trash, she chases the garbage truck to a landfill and recycling center leaving Buttons, once again, to chase and protect her.


  • The title is a reference to a line that Bette Davis said in the film Beyond the Forest, which achieved more recognition as a line in Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? when Martha is trying to figure out what movie Bette Davis says the line.

Chase Transition

Ralph chases the Warners at the studio gate.

Survey Ladies


Written by Deanna Oliver and Sherri Stoner
Directed by Rusty Mills


Wouldja like ta take a survey?

The Warners go to the mall to find the perfect birthday gift for Dr. Scratchansniff. They get constantly interrupted by two pesky survey ladies who want to ask them such benign questions as "Do you eat beans?", "Do you want to see a new movie starring George Wendt?" and "Do you eat beans with George Wendt?".


  • This cartoon is based on a true story. Sherri Stoner went to the mall once and was constantly pestered by two survey ladies.
  • This cartoon features cameos from THREE Tiny Toons characters: Mr. Skullhead, Fifi La Fume and Baby Plucky.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Rob Paulsen Yakko Warner, Dr. Scratchansniff
Jess Harnell Wakko Warner
Tress MacNeille Dot Warner, Mindy's Mother
Deanna Oliver Irma (Survey Lady #2)
Kath Soucie Fifi La Fume (misspelled as Fifi LaFlume), Survey Lady #1
Nathan Ruegger Baby Plucky
Frank Welker Runt, Buttons, Lennie
Maurice LaMarche The Brain, George
Nancy Cartwright Mindy
Jim Cummings Happy Bob
and Bernadette Peters as Rita

Kathryn Page's Credit

Ferret Tamer


Yakko, Wakko, and Dot: Wanna take a survey?

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