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There are many phrases that appear periodically throughout the series. Many of these phrases are specific to certain characters/segments.

Partial List of Oft-spoken Phrases

  • Hello, Nurse!: Yakko, Wakko, and Dot
  • Are you pondering what I'm pondering?: The Brain
  • Narf!: Pinky
  • Now that's comedy!: Slappy at the end of the cartoon
  • Dadoo: the Warners, most often Wakko
  • Faboo!: Wakko
  • Dumber than advertised!: Yakko and Dot
  • As far back as I can remember...: Squit
  • Good night, everybody!: Yakko
  • Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........: Yakko
  • SPEW!!.......: Skippy
  • Heh, Heh... Courtesy laugh!: Yakko and Dot
  • Forget about it!: Bobby and Pesto.
  • That's it! I'll show you...!: Pesto, when angered by Squit
  • No, i was just saying...:  Squit, after angering Pesto

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