This is the variation of the Animaniacs theme that was used for Animaniacs Game Pack.

Animaniacs PC Game Pack Intro Lyrics

Warners: It's time for Animaniacs

We hope your hard drive stays intact!

If this program starts to crash

give your CPU a whack!

We're Animaniacs!

Yakko and Wakko:Don't forget the Warner Brothers

Warners:and the Warner sister Dot!

The developers would like to buy a really snappy yacht!

The put all kinds of games in here to tie your mind in knots,

and zany animations that'll leave ya' seein' spots!

Warners: We're Animaniacs!

They transformed us to bitmaps!

If you move your mouse to click us it should force us to react!

We're Animaniacs!

Warners: Look at Wakko as he tries to pull your processor apart!

And Yakko's burning active memory with a spark!

Dot just grabbed your cursor, she wants you to restart!

We've kidnapped all the programmers,they think that they're smart!

Warners:We're Animaniacs!

Lay off work and you get sacked!

If the artwork is too slacked, well they've licenced us to hack!

We're Animanie, totally insaney!

Wakko: Monitor's in flamey!


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