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Steven Spielberg Presents: Pinky and the Brain is a spinoff of Animaniacs. Originally a segment for the show, Pinky and the Brain stars two lab mice that have been genetically-"spliced" having ran from September 9, 1995 to November 14, 1998. The series is still faithful to the segment having the same adult humor and type of writing with most of the same people who've worked on Animaniacs (e.g. Rusty Mills) working on the spin-off, with minor differences like an extended theme song. The plot of every episode would usually go as follows: The Brain (who is the intelligent one) comes up with a plan to "take over the world" along with Pinky (the dim-witted sidekick) often the punching bag of Brain. In every episode, they fail to take over the world, leaving Brain to try to come up with yet another plan.

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