Plucky Duck

Plucky Ducky is a green pre-teen Daffy Duck-like character from Tiny Toon Adventures. He is voiced by Joe Alaskey on both Tiny Toons and his cameos in Animaniacs.

His best friend is Buster Bunny who as being a duck, WB-ancestrally the rival of the rabbit, inadvertently irritates him at times, and is also friends with Babs Bunny (by association with Buster) and Hamton Pig (an easy target for one of his self-centeredness). His love is Shirley McLoon. His greatest rival is probably Buster himself, who dismisses his desperate attempts for stardom.

He is apparently quite acquainted with the Warners by Season 3.


He appeared first as Baby Plucky in the Episode 22 segment Guardin' the Garden, where he hit the snake with a club.

Baby Plucky also made a cameo appearance in the Episode 43 segment Survey Ladies, where he sent the survey ladies down an elevator by pushing a button.

Later, he appeared in Episode 47: Video Review/When Mice Ruled the Earth on a video, as his normal self.

In one Animaniacs comic, Plucky gets enamored of Minerva Mink, annoying his girl Shirley the Loon.