Professor Otto von Schnitzelpusskrakengescheitmeyer is a German professor who is fun-loving, but did throw the Animaniacs out when they embarrassed him. He is a fat, white, bald man with a white shirt and brown pants and boots. They sang Schnitzelbank (song) and he pointed out chalk, a key and lock, and a clock. On Yakko Warner's turn to sing, he pointed out a piece of bread in Wakko Warner's head. Dot Warner jumped up on the professor and kissed him, then they embarrassed him by pointing out his gut and his butt, then stripping him down to his underwear pointing out his hairy chest, the fact he was not dressed, his pants, and his French underwear. The professor then threw them out. Wakko pointed out the professor's lengthy name in the lyrics "Is this nicht Prof. Otto von Schnitzelpusskrakengescheitmeyer? Ja that ict Prof. Otto von Schnitzelpusskrakengescheitmeyer. Is this nicht an incredibly long name to have to try and say? Ja that ict an incredibly long name to have to try and say." Since then, they only called him by his first name "Otto". Dot thinks he is a cute man, and her older brothers agree.

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