Star Warners title card


What would happen if Star Wars and Animaniacs were put in a blender? The final Pinky and the Brain episode, Star Warners is the answer. The episode, which includes many of the Animaniacs cast is a Star Wars parody of A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi with Pinky and the Brain (as 3-PinkEO and Brain2-Me2) plan to use the Mega Star for their galactic domination plans.


  • The Brain as Brain2-Me2 (parody of R2-D2)
  • Pinky as 3-PinkEO (parody of C-3PO)
  • Dot as Princess Dot (parody of Princess Leia)
  • Wakko as Wak Skylicker (parody of Luke Skywalker)
  • Yakko as Yak Soho (parody of Han Solo)
  • Slappy as Slappy Wanna Nappy (parody of Obi-Wan Kenobi)
  • Thaddeus Plotz as Girth Plotz (parody of Darth Vader)
  • Dr. Scratchansniff (parody of Grand Moff Tarkin)
  • Chicken Boo as Chew Boo-Boo (parody of Chewbacca)
  • Skippy as Skippoda (parody of Yoda)
  • Flavio Hippo as Flabby the Butt (parody of Jabba the Hutt)
  • Hello Nurse as Female clone
  • Ralph as Male clone
  • Pip as himself
  • Mindy as UnJawa (parody of Jawa)
  • The Goodfeathers as Unnamed Stormtroopers

Cameo Characters


  • This cartoon was rarely seen in reruns.
  • Like Wakko's Wish, many regular and Looney Tunes characters appear throughout.
  • Wakko's Luke Skywalker costume looks similar to an outfit he wears in "Hercule Yakko".
  • If this episode were for the Animaniacs, then this would count as their 100th episode.

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