This is a complete list of the "stingers" or "tags" that appear at the end of the credits of each episode.

  • "Goodbye, Nurse!" (Episodes 1, 5, 7)
  • "I'm Yakko!" "I'm Wakko!" "And I'm cute!" (Episode 2)
  • "We are the very models of cartoon individuals!" (Episode 3)
  • "Set three extra places...we're comin' over for dinner!" (Episode 4)
  • "I can't think of the ending of this show." I can't think of anything else!"[1] (Episode 6)


  1. References an exchange between Chico and Groucho Marx in the 1931 film Animal Crackers ("I can't think of the ending of this song..."). Yakko even imitates Groucho's trademark cigar wiggle.

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