Animaniacs Episode 52
Air date: February 11, 1994
Season: 1
Variable verse: Yakko, Wakko, and Dot: Pinky and the Brainy
Gag credit(s): Karaoke Singer-Kathryn Page
Closing tag: Yakko, Wakko & Dot: Cowabunga!
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Last line

Yakko, Wakko, and Dot: Pinky and the Brainy

Ups and Downs (406-660)


Written by Paul Rugg
Directed by Bob Kline


Wakko and Dr. Scratchansniff get stuck in an elevator and try to keep calm and entertain themselves while waiting for the elevator to get fixed. At one point, Wakko talks about Randy Beaman's grandparents getting stuck in an elevator.


  • This is the first cartoon where Yakko and Dot do not appear in their own series.

The Brave Little Trailer


Written by Tom Minton
Directed by Lenord Robinson


In this miscellaneous short told entirely in rhyme, a small trailer has to defend his home against tornadoes while avoiding the grasp of a hungry steam shovel.


  • The title is a pun on Brave Little Toaster, which writer Deanna Oliver provided her voice of the title chracter for.

Yes, Always


Written by Peter Hastings
Directed by Michael Gerard and Dave Marshall


The Brain re-enacts an infamous outtake of Orson Welles' voice recording session for a commercial.



  • In the beginning, the people that Brain fires are producer and creator Tom Ruegger, writer Peter Hastings and voice director Andrea Romano, all of whom voice themselves. The engineer is a caricature of real life engineer Harry Andronis, who also voices himself.
  • Some of Welles' dialogue was cleaned up for this version. He originally says, "Get me a jury that can 'In July' and I'll...go down on you." which was changed to "...I'll...make cheese with you." Additionally, he drops two S-bombs in the recording. The first time, it is replaced with "Shoot!" and the second time he says, "This is a lot of tripe, you know that?" Welles saying "Jesus!" is censored to "Jiminy!"
  • The British director in the original outtake's dialogue was replaced by Pinky and the second director was replaced by the Engineer.
  • This short came about from Maurice LaMarche's inspiration for the Brain's voice. When he came into the studio to audition, he unexpectedly did an impression of Orson Welles. LaMarche had perfected this impression by memorizing the original Welles outtakes and performing them by himself. After securing the role of the Brain, LaMarche would warm up his voice by reciting parts of Welles' outtakes whenever he came to the studio to record.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Jess Harnell Wakko Warner
Rob Paulsen Dr. Scratchansniff, Pinky, Yakko Warner, Big Ed
Paul Rugg Goyt Furman
Maurice LaMarche The Brain
Tom Ruegger Himself
Peter Hastings Himself
Andrea Romano Herself
Harry Andronis Himself
Luke Ruegger The Little Trailer
Jim Cummings Sterling Holloway
Tress MacNeille Dot Warner

Kathryn Page's Credit

Karaoke Singer


Yakko, Wakko & Dot: Cowabunga!

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