Grim Reaper (Animaniacs)

Grim Reaper (Animaniacs)

The Grim Reaper came for Wakko when he ate the last Swedish meatball at the Swedish Meatball Convention before he was dying. He engages in a chess match with the Warners, but they prefer checkers. He says that if he wins, Wakko has to go with Grim. If the Warners win, they get to stay together forever. However, the Warners cheat and win. But Grim tricks them through their deal and claims all three Warners dead. Grim says that it was a loophole, making the condition null and void. The Warners torment him until he eventually lets them back into the real world?   

He appears in the episode, Meatballs or Consequences.

His voice actor is Jess Harnell.

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