Animaniacs Episode 36
Air date: November 5, 1993
Season: 1
Variable verse:' Yakko: Citizen Kaney
Gag credit(s): Tooth Fairy-Kathryn Page
Closing tag: Skippy: Spew!
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Last line

Yakko: Citizen Kaney...

Critical Condition


Written by Tom Ruegger
Directed by Audu Paden and Jon McClenahan


Slappy and Skippy get revenge on two movie critics for disliking Slappy's cartoons on the latest laserdisc release (Remember laserdiscs?) featuring the best Looney Tunes cartoons.


  • The two film critics are parodies of Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert.
  • This cartoon contains clips from such classic Looney Tunes cartoons as What's Opera, Doc?, Duck Amuck and Porky in Wackyland. However, none of the pre-1948 cartoons were shown due to WB not owning them at the time.
  • Shirley the Loon from Tiny Toon Adventures makes a cameo appearance going into the theater with her namesake, Shirley MacLaine.
  • The "big toes up" is a parody of "two thumbs up".

Chase Transition

The plane chase from Episode 21 is reused, except this time, the Warners fly from the studio instead of Mount Rushmore.

The Three Muska-Warners

36-2-The Three Muska-Warners

Written by Sherri Stoner
Directed by Audu Paden


The Warners do a parody of the Three Musketeers.


  • Slappy makes a cameo appearance telling the Muska-Warners that she reminds her of "a very young Yippee, Yappee and Yahooey", three Hanna-Barbera characters who had their own segment of the show The Peter Potamus Show.
  • The beginning of the cartoon where the citizens musically announce the arrival of the Musketeers but they don't show up is a parody of the beginning of Duck Soup.
  • The Warners' song is a parody of "We're the Mouseketeers" from Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Club. In addition, Yakko believes the Mouseketeers are coming and Dot asks where Cubby O'Brien is.
  • While the Warners are marching outside the king's door, they briefly dress in their Chinese opera costumes from "Hello Nice Warners". They also dress in their ballet costumes briefly seen in Hearts of Twilight and their Egyptian costumes from De-Zanitized (With slight differences in each)


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Rob Paulsen Yakko Warner, The Soothsayer
Jess Harnell Wakko Warner
Tress MacNeille Dot Warner, Mary Hartless
Frank Welker Narrator, The Viper
Jeff Bennett King Henry III
Sherri Stoner Slappy Squirrel
Nathan Ruegger Skippy Squirrel
Maurice LaMarche Lene Hisskill
Chuck McCann Codger Eggbert

Kathryn Page's Credit

Tooth Fairy


Skippy: Spew!

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