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  • Abscesspool


    February 25, 2015 by Abscesspool

    This will act as a kind of journal which people can see for any of their own mysterious reasons. It may seem empty now, but it will waste space on this wiki as more worthless things come in!

    Will contain up to 25 items affecting me about this wiki at a time.

    As of February 24 2015, I have lost all the Animaniacs episodes I had recorded due to getting a new cable. I probably won't be posting new pictures of stuff until I figure out how to record things and access the recordings on this new cable.

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  • Abscesspool

    Animaniacs has a wide and varied cast of characters, both minor and major, that they use on their show. I think I have quite a bit to say about all of these characters. (Only includes characters from episodes I watched before)

    I'd fIrst like to say that this will be divided into segments (only the ones with unique characters that mainly appear on one segment only), which are then divided into protagonists, neutrals and antagonists, which are then divided into characters, which are then divided into facts about the character and my own opinion about them. Yeah I know too many subdivisions yeah yeah whatever. Let's get on with it!!!

    Anyone aligned with main characters.

    Yakko is the main character. One of the main characters, that is. Watching Y…

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