Animaniacs has a wide and varied cast of characters, both minor and major, that they use on their show. I think I have quite a bit to say about all of these characters. (Only includes characters from episodes I watched before)

Theme Song Characters

Animani, totally insaney~




That's all the facts!

I'd fIrst like to say that this will be divided into segments (only the ones with unique characters that mainly appear on one segment only), which are then divided into protagonists, neutrals and antagonists, which are then divided into characters, which are then divided into facts about the character and my own opinion about them. Yeah I know too many subdivisions yeah yeah whatever. Let's get on with it!!!

Yakko, Wakko, Dot and normal company excluding cameos, inanimate objects and minor characters


Anyone aligned with main characters.

Yakko Warner

Yakko is the main character. One of the main characters, that is. Watching Yakko, Wakko and Dot episode that includes all 3 of the siblings will tell you this. He is also the oldest, being 3 years older than Wakko and 5 years older than Dot. He is a very talkative character, does more talking than either of his siblings.

Being the oldest among the three siblings, he acts like a father to them in place of the brave knight and beautiful princess mentioned in Wakko's Wish. Like his sibs, he is quite zany; however, he'll only annoy people if he likes them, or if they were really asking for it.

Line between opinion and fact

I think this guy is the Warner's version of Rita. Second to only Rita in how often he starts singing, he almost never misses a cue to start singing. Oh boy. Meanwhile, he's also the main source of adult humor and puns. 

Judge: Stop leading the witness! 

Yakko: (to Ms. Bilchmoitner) Alright then. You lead! (leads Ms. Bilchmoitner in a tango)

Dr. Scratchansniff: Because when I returned, much to my disgrace, the monkeys had the nurse in a mad embrace!

Nurse: I don't know what to say, the monkeys won't do.

Yakko: For... a nickel, I'll give you a clue.

...Ha ha. Courtesy laugh.

Wakko Warner

I love physical violence.

Harpo Marx Warner here has a small gaggy bag he can hide in the back pocket of his shirt, but this bag is capable of holding things such as:

  • A cruise ship
  • The color of an entire room
  • Elvis
  • A toilet (and probably lots of piping, because it doesn't seem like one of those toilets that just consist of a very deep hole)
  • Mallets

He uses the lattermost of these objects to hit people, along with anvils sometimes. The other Warners do this too but less often.

Wakko is known for his voracious appetite, once eating 500 meatballs without dying . For perspective, this is greater than a dump truck full of meatballs.

His tongue sticks out all the time and no one knows why.

He's kind of gross, if you ask me, but this is mostly because of what he does, and when he's not doing it he actually seems cute. I think his middle kid syndrome makes him cuter.

Dot Warner

Isn't that cute.

She relishes her cuteness and can even use it as a weapon.

aka Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca the Third

or Princess Prettydeer (who moves like a springtime fresh gazelle, sweet as honey and is sweet)

But you can call her Dot, the name she flirts to, but if you call her Dottie prepare for some Slappy-style violence.

Dot: Oh, Mr. Crazy Person! All we wanna do is give the director a big smooshy kiss and say hi!

Mr. Crazy Person: Whoa, you're cute man, you got this whole cute, "don't make me stay in here" thing happening, man.

Dot: Please let us out of the cagey wagey!

Mr. Crazy Person: Whoa, you're working your weirdness on me, man, your cute weirdness, man  -sigh-  Okay. I'll let you out.

Dot: Some girls got it, some girls don't.

She also enjoys reading books, being zany like her two brothers and the presence of Mel Gibson.

The fact that she made a song called "I'm Cute" and put a verse in saying "I never am vain" is sort of ironic now isn't it?

Does anyone else notice how she's so much easier to notice because of her high voice?


The people who are part protagonist and part antagonist. These three would normally be antagonists, but they're here because they've actually shown that they care about the Warners.

Dr. Scratchansniff

Obviously Scratchansniff was driven insane by the Warners, and he led Hello Nurse and Ralph the Guard in attempting to capture them. Later shorts show him as like a surrogate father to the Warners.

He's a German p-sychiatrist who once had orange hair that greyed and eventually got ripped off in his attempts to de-zanitize the Warners three. (in no part due to Dot)

No comment.

I think he's actualy pretty funny.

Hello Nurse

"Helloooooooooooo Nurse!"

"Helloooooooooooo Swiss Nurse Miss!"

"Helloooooooooooo Kitty!"

"Goodbyeeeeeeeee Nurse!"

"Helloooooooooooo Large Nurse!"

The studio nurse runs Scratchansniff's office and is the object of desire of everyone she passes on the street. Yakko and Wakko derive their main catchphrase of "Helloooooooooooo Nurse!" from her name (first specified as her name in the Warner's Lot Song). This has also spawned many derivative exclamations whenever a woman passes by. Dot does the same when attractive males come by.

She thinks the Warners are nice children, but she has clearly taken action against them nonetheless.

What can I say?

Helloooooooooooo nurse!

Thaddeus Plotz

The cartoon manager of Warner Brothers Studios. He gets frequently annoyed by the Warners (I daresay he's the number one victim of their antics) but he also sends them on missions, proving that he's at least sometimes on their side.

He's also short, chubby, cynical and irritable.

I don't think I like this person much. At least he's a good person some of the time: I really like nice people, even when they're the antagonists.


People who are always against the Warners, and appear in more than 2 episodes.

Ralph T. Guard


I can only think of three descriptions for this one. Dumb, fat, and incompetent. Sorry, but he really doesn't pose much of a threat, even as the main "antagonist" of the show (ie Scratchy and Plotz, the only two more competent people at the studio who dislike the Warners, are actually nice to the Warners sometimes)

Dah, nope.

Miss Flamiel

An overly strict teacher who manages to get herself locked into the water tower.

On account of what happened in Chalkboard Bungle I don't think school is what the Warners need.

I think the Warners got to her, which is why she's considerably loosened up after Episode 16.

Mr. Director

"Hoil! How'd you, with the going, you were there but here now, you are, for me to see, how'd you do?"

Normally, this Jerry Lewis caricature talks in a low voice, calmly and collectedly and to a certain degree, professionally, but at certain moments he talks in varying tones, questionable degrees of grammar, and loudly while gesturing with his arms. While doing this he is able to annoy the Warners.

Mr. Crazy Person: Do you know what he is, man? He's the thinker, the tinkerer, the plotter, the planner, the genius, man! What, in France, they don't know, he's king there, man. Comedy is his crown, he rules, with funny words. Funny words, like, "froinlaven!"

What he said.

His most obvious personality quirk is losing his mind at random moments when something confuses or pleases him. It makes him funnier.

Slappy Squirrel and regular cast


Slappy Squirrel

A veteran squirrel who really loves violence, and disapproves of new cartoons that have no slapstick.

I find her to be somewhat pretty and her slapstick to be the funniest on the show, but that's just me. 

Slappy: As a professional, I take my work seriously.

Besides, everyone she does harm to probably deserved it in one way or another, except in Bumbie's Mom.

Skippy Squirrel

A young cheerful squirrel whose voice got packed with static as he got older. He often cares about Slappy's safety; however, in Soccer Coach Slappy, it is Slappy that starts caring about Skippy's safety.

Skippy is cute. (Gee, I start to sound like Elmyra here) He's also at his best when he starts being violent like his aunt, too, to fit in the full violent power of the slapstick oriented Slappy Squirrel segments.

Skippy: Aunt Slappy, I don't think you can get a fair trial here...

Slappy: Relax, Skippy, I've got a dynamite case.

Slappy: Even George Foreman needs a break between beatings. Come on, Skippy, there's a spot on the bench with your name on it!

Skippy: But we're close to the goal, Aunt Slappy! I just gotta play! I just gotta!

Slappy: Well, if you just gotta. Where's the ball?

Skippy: Over there. (points to the right side)

Slappy: Great. You go over there. (points to the left side)

Skippy: No, I wanna play!

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