• I live in Animaniacs Island
  • I was born on March 3
  • My occupation is Watching Animaniacs
  • I am Female
  • AnimaniacsRealFan1


    AnimaniacsRealFan1 here with a review on Animaniacs.

    In my opinion,Animaniacs is the best show ever! 

    The show itself is amazing,it has funny jokes, hilarious parodies, and zany songs!!

    All the characters are unique and funny.,I like each character on the show!

    Animaniacs is great and I really enjoy it!

    Goodnight Everybody! 

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  • AnimaniacsRealFan1

    Hellooooo,Nurse! Here is my review for episode 85.


    I love this episode! It is my favorite. An awesome parody of Disney's Pocahontas. In this episode,the Warners sing a song called "Just the Same Old Heroine",a parody of Just Around the Riverbend from Pocahontas. there are also more awesome songs and a funny cameo by Slappy and Skippy. In my opinion,this is awesome!

    Boids on the Hood-

    Goodfeathers and Ralph,so awesome! I really enjoyed this one!!

    Mighty Wakko At the Bat- 

    Great parody of Might Casey at the Bat with a happier ending in it. 

    Episode 85,in my opinion,was one of Animaniacs' best!

    Goodnight Everybody!

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  • AnimaniacsRealFan1


    Here is my fan review of an Aimaniacs episode:

    I'm Mad/Bad Mood Bobby/Blemish/Fake

    I'm Mad- Very funny little skit with the Warner sibs. I laughed extremely hard at Wakko when he said "My nose is snotty,need to move my body,gott use the potty,better stop the car." This episode shows funny lines from all 3 of the Warners and Dr. Scratchansniff.

    Bad Mood Bobby- Funny Goodfeathers cartoon where Pesto and Squit try to cheer up Bobby. 

    Blemish- Funny skit with Katie Kaboom when she finds out about her first blemish. Katie's reaction is like how lots of teens react to pimples,in the end,it's no big deal to Katie.

    Fake- Funny with Warners and Scratchansniff.. Scratchansniff takes Yakko,Wakko,and Dot to wrestling and when the Warners s…

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