This was a pretty cool show in my opinion, and as an upcoming animator I find the style in this show to be done quite well ^^

I've read all over this blog about how rivivals would kill it... And really that's not the case. Just because some shows come back as failures, doesn't mean they all will. Just look at the new loony toons or scooby doo incorperated. The style is a tiny bit off on each, but they generally try to keep to a loose set of rules. This show could indeed come back, and based off of the existing model sheets, new episodes could be made by new animators with it looking fairly close to the original. The only hang up is the character voices and who's still willing and able. Of course as we've seen with characters like mickey mouse or kermit the frog who's original voices are long gone, it doesn't seem to slow them down any. And again in an example via mickey and friends, gradual transformations are apart of keeping a character going.

Using the same tune and pattern, new lyrics could be made up or modified for a theme song beffiting the times, and new story lines and all that.. so in general don't just condemn a show to death. Things come back by popular demand quite often, and I think that's what keeps bugs going.

Anywho... this is my first time finding a wiki solely on this show, so I think I'll pop in everynow and then.

For those who really wish to do this wiki a service, I suggest adding a more organized episode listing with further plotlines and information refrences, similiar to the wikis of pnf and knd ^^

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