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  • StormieCreater

    Meet Meredith Mink!

    November 5, 2017 by StormieCreater

    Ok, yes, I have created another Mink character. So, sue me. 

    But this is also fanon so...

    "U-um...18 y-years old...?" 

    "W-white fur, um, um, long strawberry blonde hair, uh, I also have the same colored tail, lilac eyes. You can find me, I-I mean, you can't find me. Mainly...mainly because I'm usually wearing something that doesn't attract too much attention" 

    " it okay to say I don't have a favorite?" 

    "No offense, b-but Dot. She kinda scares me" 

    "Maybe something casual. Like jeans, T-shirts, hoodies. I-I mean, anything that doesn't attract attention because...I do bad when people are staring at me" 

    "The nice guys that blush at the mention of a comment. I turn to mush. Uh...y-yea" 

    "THOSE GUYS?! Eep!" *hides under a table* 

    "Uh, I, can't …

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  • StormieCreater

    (Please don't take this seriously. This is just for humor)

    Announcer: Hello, and welcome to....

    Crowd: Personality Smashdown! 

    Announcer: Where we take two polar opposites and put them on the same show together! Our contestants tonight are Minerva Mink and Marissa Mink! 

    • Minerva is show filing her nails and Marissa is playing her GameBoy* 

    Announcer: Ahem! Girls. 

    Minerva: What? What's the point of being famous if I can't look famous? (winks at the audience) And if there are any muscled, rich men out there, I'm still single!

    Marissa: *looks up from her game* Ugh. The show hasn't even started and I'm already 100% done with her. 

    Minerva: *scowls at Marissa* I heard that! 

    Marissa: *covers her mouth with her fingertips while looking smug* Oops. Sorry…

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  • StormieCreater

    Meet Marissa!

    March 17, 2017 by StormieCreater

    Hi! So...I have this Animaniacs character named Marissa Mink, rival of Minerva Mink. Though she's not as attractive as Minerva, her wild brown hair can drive a few guys wild.

    And, she's not canon, so everything's cool.


    "18 years, 5 months, 2 weeks and 3 days. But who's counting?"

    "I have white fur, big, wavy brown hair, brown eyes, and tail, and a curl in front of my face. I'm usually seen wearing anything insulting to snobby people, like baggy clothing or ski masks in the summer"

    "I'm stuck between Yakko Warner and Slappy. That squirrel can pull out a stick of dynamite like its no one's business. And that Warner kid means business"

    "Minerva Mink. No question"

    "Oversized hoodies, baggy sweatpants, and worn out boots. Or fuzzy socks whichever…

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