Hi! So...I have this Animaniacs character named Marissa Mink, rival of Minerva Mink. Though she's not as attractive as Minerva, her wild brown hair can drive a few guys wild.

And, she's not canon, so everything's cool.



Questions Asked to Marissa

How old are you?

"18 years, 5 months, 2 weeks and 3 days. But who's counting?"

What's your appearance?

"I have white fur, big, wavy brown hair, brown eyes, and tail, and a curl in front of my face. I'm usually seen wearing anything insulting to snobby people, like baggy clothing or ski masks in the summer"

Who's your favorite Animaniacs character?

"I'm stuck between Yakko Warner and Slappy. That squirrel can pull out a stick of dynamite like its no one's business. And that Warner kid means business"

What about your least?

"Minerva Mink. No question"

What's your ideal trend of fashion?

"Oversized hoodies, baggy sweatpants, and worn out boots. Or fuzzy socks whichever comes first"

What type of guys are attractive in your opinion?"

"The kind, shy type who are polite, benevolent, and very cute. Dark hair and brown eyes. Kinda like this skunk guy I know. I think his name is Louie. Lah-Lah...Louie" (starts drooling)

What about body builders?

"Big muscles...eww. Plus, some of them are jerks."

When you see your crush, how do you flirt with him?"

"I don't. The best pick up line I could come up with was 'Do you like bread?'"

What talents do you possess?

"Drawing, stunt riding, baking, singing, and I am the video game boss" (pumps fist)

What if you were locked in a tower waiting for your Prince to come?

"Forget damsel in distress mode. I would pick the lock, get myself out, and go search for him myself. The idiot's probably stuck in a tree or something"

What do you think of Newt the Dog?

"Eh. It's pretty creepy how he tries to kidnap me or Minerva, but he is kidding me around. Pff!"

Why do you not like Minerva?

"Don't even get me started"

"She uses her charm to use boys into doing her bidding! She's not evern interested in any of them! Also, she's interested in those big muscled weasels who are total jerks! Plus, what she calls 'fashion' is a down-to-chest jump suit to gain an advantage! Plus, I think she maybe be moving in on my Louie!! Just because he's rich! When I get my hands on that Mink, I'll show her not to mess with my skunk boy!!!"

Interviewer: "Feel better?"

"I do now"

Any last words you wanna say before you take off?

"Nutella. I like Nutella. Also, Books are better than boys. And so are most things in this universe. Like Lego Batman."

Marissa's Catchphrases=

"Nope. Not today."

"Hahaha! Don't make me laugh"

"Put me in something girly, and I slap you to Africa"


Hope you like Marissa! And please...don't take this very seriously. This is from my imagination and swirling ball of thought.