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We Should Run and We Should Flee is a song from Episode 3 of Animaniacs.

It is a parody of Never Mind the Why and Wherefore from H.M.S Pinafore.


The Warners:
Gosh we're scared, and gosh we're frightened 'cause our itty bitty new friend has his teeny weeny brain all set on blowing us to bits!
Oh how horrible, deplorable this really is, to bits!
The Warners and Mel:
If we should run and we should flee,
Then where would our story be?
This could spell the bitter end
For animated kids like them!
For the oldest Warner brother!
And his pretty Warner sister!
And the other Warner brother!
Their small eyelids I will smother!
They should run and they should flee
Then where would this story be?
(Mel notices that the Warners are gone, and stops the song)
(spoken) Bon Voyage-y!
(spoken) Buh-bye!

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