What are We? is a song from episode 6 of Animaniacs. The song contemplates what sort of species the Warners are, a question also asked by many fans of the show. The song has music and lyrics by Randy Rogel. It is also included on the first soundtrack album, Animaniacs.

Creator Tom Ruegger says that the Warners are simply toons and their species is cartoonicus characterus.


Maybe we are dogs,
Cute little dogs with ears.
Woof woof! (pant)
And little tails that we can wag
Hey! Let's go fetch his slippers and play tag!
Dr. Scratchansniff:
Hey, get off of me!
Maybe I'm a cat.
Whadaya think of that?
A lovely cat that all the world adores.
And here's my kitty paws
With little kitty claws,
Which I like to sharpen on your couch.
Dr. Scratchansniff:
Ahhh! That's not funny!
Maybe I'm a bunny
Hopping 'round here happy as I please.
Or penguins and it's cold, which makes you sneeze.
Dr. Scratchasniff:
I've got it! Of course!
Maybe I'm a horse.
I can live on oats and hay
And laugh and run and jump and play
And you can ride on me all day!
Dr. Scratchansniff:
No way!
Hey, maybe I'm a skunk.
Dr. Scratchansniff:
Oh, boy, you really stink!
A dinosaur might be some fun.
Dr. Scratchansniff:
But then you'd be extinct!
Maybe we're all insects.
Do you like bugs and bees?
Dr. Scratchansniff:
You kids are buggy in the head!
Maybe we're giant fleas.
Maybe an electric eel.
Or seal.
Get real!
Hey, wait a minute, I got it now!
Dr. Scratchansniff:
You do?
Yes I do!
The Warners:
We're not bees and we're not cats
Or bugs or horses or things like that.
What we are is clear and absolute.
What we are, dear doctor...
Is cute!
Dr. Scratchansniff:
I'm sorry I asked.

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